Over the 80 years from its establishment in 1935, the Group has been one leader in Japanese chemical industry. With the operation principle of “Technology serves society”, the company has devoted itself to the development of new technology and new business. Early in 1949 and 1961 respectively, the company has been listed in Tokyo and Osaka Securities Exchange. By far, the share capitals have been over JPY7 billion. Based on the reasonable resource allocation, the company promotes its globalization. Currently, it has 22 holding companies around the world. 


Nippon Carbide Industries (HangZhou) Co., Ltd., a high-tech subsidiary invested by the Japan Calcium Carbide Industry Co., Ltd in China in December 1994, is one of the 16 enterprises invested by the latter globally. With a total investment of USD 74.60 million and an area of 160,000 square meters, it mainly manufactures retroreflective sheeting, food wrapping film and indication film.
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