Retro-reflective sheeting
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Food Wrapping Film all imported equipment from Japan, the Japanese company relies on 40 years of production experience and technical support, has won the domestic variety of customers since September 2003 to wide acclaim on the market. Widely used in supermarkets, food factories, restaurants and other industries fresh packaging.

For supermarkets

After the appearance of HI Eito food Sunsolt fu su Suites packaged with a sense of transparency should be required viewing, and can increase with a fresh luster, can greatly enhance the value of the goods.[Learn more]

For Restaurants Hotels (High-end)

After wrapped with it with transparency, the food still shows original appearance. Moreover, its freshness will be preserved, which will greatly improve the value of goods, promoting the level of restaurants and hotels.[Learn more]

For Restaurants Hotels (Economical)

WH food wrapping film is one kind of special film for hotels and restaurants. It can be fixed in a special stainless steel frame for packaging without consuming paper boxes to reduce cost and is environmental friendly, avoid paper products in the kitchen. At the same time, it supports to the sanitar...[Learn more]

Film for automatic packaging unit

FIT food wrapping film: It is especially manufactured for automatic packaging unit, which has adopted the technique of electrostatic prevention in order to avoid film rupture for static. It is applicable to all kinds of automatic packaging units (such as Ishida, Teraoka and Fuji).[Learn more]

Food Wrapping Film for Mushroom

Mushroom wrapping film: MR food wrapping film is a special kind of food wrapping film for mushroom (also known as white mushroom, agaricus bisporus) packaging. It has solved the problem of color change and deterioration after being wrapped with ordinary film, and extended the refreshing time.[Learn more]

Special Purpose

PVC food wrapping film, for its super elasticity, high transparency and autohension, can be widely applied in other industries other than food packaging.[Learn more]

Nippon Carbide Industries (HangZhou) Co., Ltd., a high-tech subsidiary invested by the Japan Calcium Carbide Industry Co., Ltd in China in December 1994, is one of the 16 enterprises invested by the latter globally. With a total investment of USD 74.60 million and an area of 160,000 square meters, it mainly manufactures retroreflective sheeting, food wrapping film and indication film.
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